Hello World!

Time to start a new Blog with a “Hello World!” post!

Let’s start with some technical, personal and historical background about my IT journey so far (even no one will be interested enough in this to read the whole article, though. And you know why I do it anyway? Because I decide so, it’s only about me to decide what is put here and what isn’t and there’s nothing you can do aboutĀ šŸ˜›).
You digital-native-social-network-scumĀ can search for some “DislikeĀ šŸ‘Ž or ReportĀ šŸ“¢”Ā buttons as long as you like – this page was made by elders for eldersĀ šŸ§“Ā (quoth the 35 years old author), who went through the dark ages of the Internet, including connection breakdowns, because some other member of the household picked up the phone and interrupted your dial-up connection.

My first steps into the IT

I started to explore computers in 1994/1995Ā  Continue reading “Hello World!”