More recent Python in Enterprise Linux like CentOS and RHEL


This article describes what “Enterprise Linux” is and how to add a more recent version of Python to it than those available in the base package repository.

What is “Enterprise Linux”?

General definition

CentOS and RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) both are counted as one of the so-called “Enterprise Linux” systems. This term is an artificial noun, which has different meanings. In general, this describes Linux distributions, which are targeted at the commercial market thus putting a strong focus on reliability and long lifecycles.
CentOS, RHEL and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) usually maintains a release for 10 years; RHEL and SLES even offer extended support contracts for additional years of support. That means these distributions offer at least twice as long support for a version than Ubuntu LTS versions does (which usually is ~5 years). Continue reading “More recent Python in Enterprise Linux like CentOS and RHEL”

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