Process a textfile line by line in Bash


One of the most common tasks when working with Bash-scripts and the Linux shell is text processing like filtering, selection, transforming, …

Often, these texts come from text files like CSV, log files, and so on. If you are an experienced user who is doing this on a daily basis, typing these kinds of command chains often feel like they are coming from “muscle memory” more than from your brain. But most of the time, you need only parts of these lines, like “the 5th to the 7th field” or some regular expressions match; these are usually quite easy to catch using a combination of the well-known tools awk, grep, cut or sed.
But: How to iterate (loop) over each line of a file in Bash and use that value for your processing; like, if you want to preserve only lines, matching a specific pattern or divide the script of a play into separate files per role, for example?

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