Updated Docker image derjudge/confluence

Hi everyone!

This is just a short notice to let you know, that I just updated my Docker image derjudge/confluence to provide the most recent version of Confluence (6.10.1) and Java 8 (8u181). Enjoy!

derjudge/confluence is a Docker image which provides Atlassian Confluence in a single “batteries included” Docker container.
Please find additional details on the Docker Hub page of the image and feel free to report any trouble using the bugtracker at Bitbucket.


Born in 1982, Marc Richter is an IT enthusiastic since 1994. He became addicted when he first put hands on their family’s pc and never stopped investigating and exploring new things since then.
He is married to Jennifer Richter and proud father of two wonderful children, Lotta and Linus.
His current professional focus is DevOps and Python development.

An exhaustive bio can be found at this blog post.

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